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Official title In Karate


Sensei means a teacher or someone born before me. This title is given to the karateka who have degrees of the Dan 2, Dan 3 and Dan 4 degrees and Sensei refers to the meaning that he has a close relationship with students


Shihan means a qualified teacher. Basically, someone who know the foundation and characteristics of a karate style correctly. Basically, Shihan who is someone that know basic and advanced techniques the concepts and theories of a karate style. Shihan does not mean that the person knows everything about karate everywhere and does not need to be trained. Shihan is said to be more of a person who, in the organizational dimension of a senior member, is a style of karate, and relies heavily on the organizational dimension of an individual


The Dooshi means the tutor. The title is used in karate before the Renshi


Renshi means a senior mentor. The titles that given to a person who has the 5th ranked of karate. This title is used less in karate styles


Kiyoushi  means master of Teachers. The title of the Kyoshi is given to a person that who has a grade upper than 6th level of Karate


Hanshei  means skilled Master; The title of the Kiyoushi is given to a person that who has a grade upper than 8th level of Karate

According to three titles, Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshei

Ren means is a coach

Qi means is a teacher

Han means pattern

Other official titles in Karate

Cito Deshi means a student, student or martial arts student

Uchi-deshi is a student that who lives and practice with teacher

Kuhai are said to a low-level student, and is the opposite of the word sampai

sampai means is a high-level student


The canchu is a title given to the head of a dojo or organization. This title has nothing to do with grade, but it’s usually said to someone who is a

senior student or senior instructor of a style

Kai Cho

Kai Cho is the title that is referred to the head of the region or the director of style. Sometimes may be told to a boss or a representative of a style in a country kacho

Tai Su means is a great master in martial arts

Chi Su means the founder of the style or organization. . Sometimes senior advisor means the founder of the style is also called

souke means the founder of a system or a style. Sometimes souke is the successor to the founder of style

Shushu means the master of martial arts

 Syki Shihan or Shihan Dai

Syki Shihan or Shihan Dai is referred to someone who is managing several Sheikhs

Ou-sensei or dai-sensei

Master or senior teacher who has a more traditional aspect and is called the founder of style

In the term Samurai, there are three titles

Renishi means someone who is dominate in himself and who is referred to a person who has the 4th and the 5th

Kiyoshi means is the wise person and is referred to a person who has holder of Dan 6 and 7

Hanshei means a super professor and is called a master or the highest degree of a particular style. Hanshei means the person who devoted most of his life to karate. Hanshei should have a record of 40 or 50 years of practice in karate