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Omid Adibi was born in shemiran, Tehran on Jan. 13, 1987. His father is Dr. Behrouz Adibi (Cornea specialist) and his Grandfather is Prof. Ja’far Ershad that he is the world contemporary Celebrity in plant pests

At the age of six, He started a martial Art with taekwondo until to the blue belt under the supervision of Master Ali Barzegari  in Gorgan city , Golestan Province

After 3 years when he had 9 years old, they were forced to move to Tehran because of his father’s job and that time he started the karate with Master Sattar Skandarian in private and semi-private course  and after the elementary school they came back to Gorgan city again

When Omid was at the secondary school, he continued the martial arts with Kung Fu To’A under supervision of Master Reza Ahmadi and In the middle school, he struggled with full-kickboxing

Then because of Immigration from Golestan province to Tehran he forced to stop the martial art for a period of time and then he faced with an annoying and unfortunate incident that was death of his mother on Feb. 17, 2004

He has Bachelor of Industrial Engineering in Production tendency in Qazvin Islamic Azad University. When he was student; the fitness course was professionally supervised by Massoud Besimi at the Iran-zamin bodybuilding gym for four years
At the same time; He continued the Karate in Shito-Ryu style with Supreme Master shihan Sattar Eskandarian, the representative of the province of Tehran, that this time again he learned martial arts seriously with philosophical and profound principles
In the year of 2017-2018, He succeeded in gaining Dan 5 and the Grade (A) National Coaching Degree. With the suffering of many injuries and troubles

He is currently developing a new style of karate. Sport didn’t prevent him from continuing his education, even encouraged him to learn traditional medicine, modern medicine and tendency of management
:From His services in karate can be mentioned
Training to raised talents at the youth and adult levels both at home and abroad (India). Karate training in Tehran’s Revolutionary Sports Complex in two languages: persian and English, and in other martial arts in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd areas of Tehran