Karate styles are generally divided into three categories

Controlling styles

Non-controlling styles

Ring Styles

Control styles include :

Shotokan Founder: Gichin Fona Cauchy. In this method, particular attention is paid to the force and speed of its entry and the center of gravity

Shito-Ryu Founder: Kenwa Mabuni. Shito-Ryu consists of two systems of nahaTe and shuriTe in kara

Gujarriou Founder: Miyagi Chujun. Gujarriot is a hard and soft method, which was formed in Okinawa and belongs to the nahaTe system in Karate

Vaudorio Founder: Outsoka hironori, Vaudoru means: peace Way, Peace method

Peaceful Methods

Non-controlling styles include :

The founder of Kyokushin: Masutatsu Oiyama Kyokushin Kai; A variety of elements that originated from Oyaha and other styles have emerged