What is karate ?

Karate is a Sport with Japanese root that aims to attack the body as a specialized weapon. In fact, it is a sport that runs through a struggle between two people

Karate in the word is divided into two words: “Empty” and “Hand”, which means the general meaning of karate – the two (karate), the struggle with empty hands (without weapons), in this way the heart of the whole the worldly demands and unceasing pride of the world, and the individual must be restored to his own soul

In this field, the competitions are held in a team of male and female students in Kata and Kumite

The volumes of the Individual Quiz Competitions are 55-, 60-, 65-, 70-, 75-, 80-, 80+, and free for men, 53-60, 60- and 60-year-olds, and free for women

Global History of Karate

Human beings have been forced to struggle to survive since birth. So the definitive history of the emergence of the idea of turning the body into battle cannot be found, but today’s karate is an evolved form of the Chinese compo (Chinese boxing), originally called Okinawata

Karate was systematically introduced from Japan in 1912, and in 1964, the first formal karate Federation in the world was formed by various Japanese associations at the same time as the Olympic Games in Japan. (FAIKO) During these years, karate was fed through various international organizations until at the same time as the first ever World Championships in 1970, a conference was held with the participation of 32 countries, leading to the formation of the World Carat World Organization (WUKO). And from that time on, karate has become a universal sport

Sometime later, the W.K.F International Karate Federation was established and eventually approved by I.O.C, and now it is under the control of I.O.C, and its official meeting is carried out through the same set in the world

The WKF has a Continental representative, in addition to serving as the head of the federation on the same continent, it is also the vice president of the World Federation and conducts the continental contests held in Asia by the A.KF (Asian Karate Federation) it is our country as a subset of both organizations

The World Karate Organization in Spain and its website www.wkf.net and the Asian Karate Federation in Taiwan

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